5 Famous People That Love CBD Too!

Posted by Hempzone ,Jan 14th 2020
5 Famous People That Love CBD Too!

CBD has become such a prominent part of our culture in recent years, and if the past few months have been any indication at all, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. CBD is so versatile with products ranging from tinctures, vapes, edibles, even foot creams! With all the buzz behind CBD, it should come as no surprise that people fall in love with it every day. From your neighbors and your coworkers to some of your favorite celebrities, and even some historical figures - there is a chance that you’re familiar with someone who loves hemp-based CBD.

We wanted to take the time to highlight some of Hempzone’s favorite celebrities and figures whose names have been attached to hemp and hemp-based CBD at some point. As we have talked about before, several health benefits are attached to taking CBD, and this is part of the reason why it has had an enduring presence over time. Without further ado, let's take a look at 5 celebrities and historical figures who loved hemp and hemp-based CBD.

1. George Washington

If you thought you read that wrong, you didn’t! Our most prominent founding father and first president was a big fan of hemp- he even owned a hemp farm! This may be surprising to most people, especially because of the common misconception that hemp is the same thing as marijuana. We explained the difference between the two in another blog post which you can check out here.

But George Washington, as well as Thomas Jefferson, were known for their fascination with hemp and its potential. We’d like to think that if they were alive today, they would still own their hemp farms and be key figures in the CBD industry.

2. Van Gogh

Van Gogh, the widely celebrated post-impressionist painter, is pretty much a household name. You’ve most likely seen some of his work on t-shirts, posters, mugs, etc.. Some of his more popular works include Starry Night, as well as his famed self-portraits (without the ear, of course). However, most people don’t know that Van Gogh had a history with hemp, and that is why he made his way onto this list.

Some of Van Gogh’s earlier work, and the work of other painters from that time, was often done on canvases that were made of hemp linen. Though hemp linen is not as popular as it used to be, it was once prominently used for a variety of different things. So for artists like Van Gogh, hemp was once a vital part of their craft and creative process.

3. Kim Kardashian

Chances are if you stop a random person on the street and ask them who Kim Kardashian is, they’ll have a bunch of information to give you while they pull up their Instagram. It might even be an understatement to say that she is one of the most popular women in the world. What does one of the most noticeable figures of our time have in common with hemp? Her love for hemp-based CBD!

Kim Kardashian is vocal of her love of as well as the potential benefits of CBD; and she is constantly promoting CBD products that she uses and their possible effectiveness. Recently, she had a CBD themed baby shower that featured a CBD infused chocolate fountain, CBD massages, coupled with sound baths and meditation for all of her guests to participate in.

If this doesn’t give you an idea of Kim K’s love for CBD then we’re not sure what will.

4. Mike Tyson

It really should come as no surprise that Mike Tyson’s name is being used alongside hemp-based CBD. CBD is extremely popular among active pro-athletes and former pro-athletes. For a lot of them, muscle and body aches are a regular part of the job, and if you read up on the health benefits of taking CBD, you will learn that it may help reduce these body pains as well as inflammation.

Mike Tyson’s love for CBD is also evident in the amazing work and products by his company, Tyson Ranch. This list wouldn’t be complete without having someone like Mike on it!

5. Jennifer Aniston

Similar to most of the names on this list, Jennifer Aniston is someone that we know and love - and that isn’t because of her highly publicized relationship with Brad Pitt. As a fan favorite on ‘Friends.’ Aniston was and still is a television and film icon. She has gone on record several times to discuss how much she loves CBD and the way it has helped her deal with pain, stress, and anxiety. Aniston has also talked about how much she loves the fact that hemp-based CBD does not give her the high that is associated with marijuana. In her words, “It has all the benefits, without the high!”

CBD is made for everyone!

Although hemp’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, hemp has been around for a long time. From hemp farms in the late 1700s to hemp canvases in the 1800s, and hemp-derived CBD products used today- hemp has proven to be extremely versatile. Out of all the people on this list that is a CBD fan, which one is your favorite?

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